BigKeys LX Features & Specifications


 Features of BigKeys LX:
  • QWERTY or ABC layout

  • Order either key layout. Built in logic allows switching to meet future needs.


  • Punctuation Keys

  • All standard punctuation characters are included.


  • F1 - F12 keys

  • Press and hold the "F" key and the numeric keys become F1 - F10.

    F11 and F12 are also available.


  • Assist mode

  • To accommodate one-handed operation, BigKeys LX provides an Assist Mode. In Assist Mode, function keys can be produced by successively pressing F and the numeric key (rather than simultaneously pressing the 2 keys.)


  • "Run-on" eliminated

  • A single key depression causes one character to be sent to the computer no matter how long it is held down.

    (Note that this "no run-on" functionality can be de-selected!)


  • No special software required

  • Just plug BigKeys LX into your computer in place of the standard keyboard.


BigKeys LX with white keys in QWERTY order

BigKeys LX Specs:

  • Full-size keyboard, 7 x 19 inches
  • 60 oversized keys: every key on the BigKeys LX keyboard is extra large: 1-inch square.
  • Extra-long, non-coiled cable
  • BigKeys LX has a USB connector.
  • Top quality click-style key switches, tested to over 10 million keystrokes
  • High-impact injection-molded ABS case and keycaps
  • Wear-resistant UV coated keycap printing
  • BigKeys LX works with PC Windows computers and Apple iMac computers.